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At LS Control we develope, produce and deliver a broad range of standard products and solutions:

Ventilation and OEM Products; SpeedControl, EC Control, HVAC etc.

Our Development department is included from the first idea throug the development process and proto types to finished product. We run the process with dedicated, creative and professional competence.

We strengthen our customers competitive edge.

Camera -147680_640   Please have a look at our short presentation films by clicking the below icons.

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Klicken Sie hier, um unsere Präsentationsfilme in deutscher Sprache anzuschauen. 


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Air Handling Units and Heat Pumps
We have developed a basic platform for manufacturers of Air Handling Units and Heat Pumps. Read more about the possibilities of these platfrms by clicking 'Air Handling Units and Heat Pumps'

EBM Modbus Display
When AC motors are replaced by EC motors the data displayed on and from the frequency converter are no where to be seen. To counter this we have developed a display. Click to download our leaflet about EBM Modbus Display for 20V or 230V supply. 

MultiController 4-Step Model
Now the MultiController 0-100% can be turned into a conventional 4-step regulator still complying with the new ERP directive. To learn more about this feature you may click to download our leaflet 'New MultiController 0-100% - 4-Step Model'